Why become a Business Mentor?

With your expertise, you can help strengthen New Zealand’s small business community. As a Business Mentor, you understand the challenges and opportunities that come with running a business, and that experience is invaluable.
A Mentor is a guide, an advocate, an empathetic ear and a catalyst for change – and by providing sound business advice, you can significantly shorten someone else’s learning curve. You’ll also elevate your business and personal profile by supporting small business owners, social enterprise executives, or startup founders, while making a positive impact on the communities they take care of.
Mentoring with Business Mentors New Zealand gives you the opportunity to be part of a structured and supported mentoring service that extends nationwide.

What's involved?

Each business owner will receive up to 12 months of business coaching, with the first month focused on getting to know each other and establishing expectations. From there you’ll work out a structure and direction, and you’ll provide ongoing support for just a few hours per month.
You’re free to change your availability whenever you need to, and you’ll only be matched with a business you’re happy to work with.


Watch our videos to learn more about our mentoring service here.

How do I become a Mentor?

Complete our online application so we can learn more about what motivates you to become a Business Mentor.

After you've completed the application, one of our local coordinators will be in touch. They'll explain how we support our Mentors and explore what areas of business interest you.

As soon as you’re part of the Business Mentors New Zealand community, you’ll have exclusive access to online training and workshops, as well as networking opportunities with fellow Mentors. Once onboarding is complete, your dedicated coordinator will find a match for you based on your skills and expertise. We can’t wait for you to join us!